Jun 032021
21 frames from WHEN THEY SEE US

In her 4-part mini-series When They See Us, director Ava DuVernay details the arrest, trial, incarceration and post-prison release of five young teenagers who were framed by the prosecutor and police, and the heart-wrenching impact of this scandalous injustice on their lives and their families’ lives. The compelling humanity of DuVernay’s five intimate stories is [...]

Jun 032020

The Cannes festival identified 56 films for its virtual selection, without putting them into Official Selection, sidebar, out of competition etc Instead the festival grouped films into the following groups: – The Faithful (selected once before) – The Newcomers – First Features – 3 Documentaries – 5 Comedies – 4 Animated films +++ Here is [...]

Aug 042019
D A Pennebaker 1925-2019

D A Pennebaker has left us, my condolences to his family and friends. Click on an image to start slide show. +++ D A Pennebaker was a pioneer of cinema vérité, along with Richard Leacock and producer Robert Drew, notably shooting and editing PRIMARY, the landmark documentary about the 1960 presidential campaign. For me, Pennebaker’s [...]

May 172019
2019 Cannes Cinematographers

A post about Cannes cinematographers : – The story of the short director and the strong DP on the poster… – A list of the all the DPs in the Official Competition – Some of the other DPs represented in the Festival de Cannes 2019 +++ link: http://bit.ly/CannesCinematography2019 +++

Feb 242019
-- Notes on the SHALLOW "Oner" with Cooper and Gaga at the 2019 Oscars

+++ The performance of SHALLOW by Bradford Cooper and Lady Gaga at the Oscars was captured in a single-shot Steadicam “Oner”. The scene is beautifully sober, with simple backlighting and a staging and camera movement that ends up with a stunning close-up of their two faces. As Lady Gaga recounts to Jimmy Kimmel, Bradford Cooper [...]

Feb 022019
20 Frames from ROMA

Netflix published a YouTube video showcasing the wonderful cinematography by Alfonso Cuaron for his film ROMA. I grabbed some of the beautifully intricate frames below. Every still frame merits study, like a photograph. Click on any image to enter into a slideshow mode: +++ YouTube link: http://bit.ly/Roma-Cinematography-YouTube +++