Mar 032014
GRAVITY article online

___ You can read the in-depth cover story that I wrote about Gravity for the American Cinematographer online here. Emmanuel Lubezki’s work on this film is a paradigm of the expanded role of the cinematographer in films with high virtual content. We are entering an era that includes virtual cinematography in the DP’s job. The [...]

Mar 032014
GRAVITY workflow

___ This is my breakdown of the complex workflow for the film GRAVITY by Alfonso Cuaron with cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC. Gravity was a complex production that mixed virtual and real imaging elements in innovative ways. What follows is a rough outline of the key steps involved in the project’s workflow. CG lighting [...]

Jan 182014
INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS article on line

My in-depth cover story for American Cinematographer about this striking film is online. — Bruno Delbonnel collaborated with colorist Peter Doyle to create a unique, muted look with radiant skins and desaturated tones to convey the sadness that underlies this movie. +++ Bruno has received a Bronze Frog from Camerimage for his work on Llewyn, [...]

Nov 302013
Jaron Lanier on our media world

The ever brilliant Jaron Lanier links the gated community of the tablet to omni-surveillance and free searching in this incisive column in the New York Times. +++ Link We will become the medium from art blog +++

Oct 102013
"4K and better pixels" article

— I wrote an article on 4K and better pixels for my blog on I discuss: – 4K and UHD – 6 factors for better pixels – Arri’s 2.8K – Sony’s 4K and UHD – futures – the challenge to theaters – compression & Rec 2020 – upconversion – image quality +++

Sep 072013
Hollywood Biz 3.0 - part 2 : INDIES

I have just published my second article on the new business model for Hollywood, on thefilmbook blog on The first part focused on foreign markets & China, this part focuses on the economics of American Indies (independent films). The topics include: – possible futures for global cinema – Soderbergh explanation of why studios don’t [...]

Aug 262013
Hollywood Biz 3.0 : China Syndrome

+++ I wrote a simple introduction to the current Hollywood business model: box office, profits, international growth — and published it on my blog on theASC web site. This helped me understand why future studio movies will continue the trend towards action franchises in 3D and Imax, with Chinese characters & settings. +++