Apr 192014
Scorpiolens anamorphic footage

— Our friend Jon Fauer has posted a video shot by the folks at Servicevision in Barcelona, demonstrating their new anamorphic lenses. The footage shows the 35mm, 75mm and 100mm at T2 and T2.8, and was shot with an Alexa. (The AC, by the way, is very good at those wide open stops.) The 35mm [...]

Apr 082014
Panavision's new PRIMO 70 lenses

— Panavision has introduced the Primo 70s, a new series of lenses designed for 70mm, but compatible with the Alexa, Dragon, F55 and Phantom 65. I’ve had the opportunity to see them in projection and the quality is truly astounding. The Primo 70s are made up of 11 Primes from 27mm to 250mm and 2 [...]