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thefilmbook also sponsors seminars, master classes and workshops on the art and technology of filmmaking, which then become the subject of videos and articles on thefilmbook web sites.

Film is a technological art form, and we will address both art and technology, in depth, with an emphasis on practical examples, case studies, and a special interest in the cinematic image.

thefilmbook is intended as a virtual book about filmmaking that will be built over many years, post by post, chapter by chapter, volume by volume.


About thefilmbook editor

Benjamin B is a cinema journalist, teacher and new media artist.

  3 Responses to “About”

  1. Dear Benjamin B,
    I just finnished watching your Eric Kress workshop, parts 1-4, and I simply wanted to thank you for all the work you put into it an the enlightening finished product. I was riveted and excited to see the thought process of this great artist. Bravo.
    Len Borruso
    West Hollywood

  2. Hello Benjamin B – First I would like to say thank you. I have been reading your correspondents with American Cinematographer for many years, and the Film Book is one of the most useful platforms for our craft. You are always on the forefront of the art and craft of cinematography. Yesterday Cinematographers.pl Twitted and posted a short I shot a couple of months back. I would like to share this link with you: https://twitter.com/cinepl/status/757113632899600384.

    Best regards,
    - Michael Street

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