Mar 262016
Batman v Superman - Sad Affleck meme

A funny take on the actor turned superhero during an obligatory press junket interview. Despite very bad reviews, the DC movie is breaking box office records. watch on YouTube +++

Apr 142014
Jay-Z & Solange Elevator Fight Skit

A skit on the Saturday Night Live TV show features the cast playing rapper Jay-Z and sister-in-law Solange explaining away their infamous elevator fight by explaining that she was trying to get a spider off him. +++

Sep 062013
Funny commercial for UHDTV set

+++ This amusing Mexican commercial hypes the convincing realism of 84-inch 4K UHDTV sets by showing a meteor hitting the city to unsuspecting job applicants. Ironically, the YouTube video resolution is terrible watch on YouTube +++ via Corentin Harlé +++

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Apr 052013
Shitty Rigs Blog

Bert Mayer & Mike Farino’s site showcases improvised rigs from very low budget sets. The photos are by turn funny, ingenious, scary … and all too familiar for any one who has ever worked on a short or ultra-low budget film. — THE SHITTY RIGS BLOG +++