May 012014
Paris drive shot with Phantom Flex

Our friends at Photocinerent shot with a high-speed Phantom Flex as they drove through Paris, and posted their video on vimeo. The combination of frozen people and a moving camera is eerie. I’m guessing that the video was shot in HQ mode at 1275 fps, which means they were driving pretty quickly +++ Link [...]

Apr 262014
Jacques Delacoux' French Legion of Honor

Congratulations to my friend Jacques Delacoux for receiving the Legion of Honor, a great distinction in France. Jacques is the founder of Transvideo, the manufacturer of video monitors for the set, and also the president of Aaton Digital. I took some photos of the ceremony, which took place at the Femis film school. +++

Apr 062014
INTER ACTION with K5600 Lighting & Transvideo at Little Grand Studio in Paris

I gathered these 4 series of photos of the Paris Interaction event hosted by K5600 Lighting, Transvideo and Little Grand Studio. Marc Galerne‘s concept was to facilitate exchanges by filmmakers around lighting and monitoring gear. The concept worked ! The photos were taken by Jacques Delacoux, Jean-Noël Ferragut, Samuel Renollet and me. J’ai rassemblé ces [...]

Jul 012013
Textes AFC 2013 sur la Convention Collective

BRAVO à mes amis de l’AFC qui ont réuni des textes qui amorcent un dialogue important sur la Convention Collective pour le cinéma avec 14 directeurs photo, 15 réalisateurs, 2 chef monteurs, 2 chef ops son, 1 scripte, 1 producteur, 1 chef déco, 1 représentant d’un labo, 1 directeur de prod et 1 économiste.

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