Dec 162022
Nomadland -- Light as Nature

+++ – Filmmaking Partners – Nomadland Trailer – New Naturalism – Light as Nature – Authenticity +++ Frances McDormand, Joshua James Richards and Chloé Zhao shooting tests for Nomadland +++ Filmmaking Partners Director Chloé Zhao teamed up with cinematographer Joshua James Richards on her first three features. The two are also partners in real life. [...]

Jul 242016
Civil Disobedience Selfie Video

Elin Ersson, an extraordinary young Swedish woman streams her act of civil disobedience: standing inside a plane to prevent the deportation of an Afghan man. +++ LINK +++

Sep 042014
Preventing Warrantless Search by Filming

— This YouTube video is a wonderful example of how citizens can use their 1st amendment right — to film in public — to protect their other rights. If this man did not have a camera, and didn’t warn the officers that they were going “straight to YouTube”, I’m pretty sure they would have come [...]

Mar 192014
Nymphomaniac Vol 1 - Forget about Sex

To be honest, I had been avoiding seeing Nymphomaniac Volume I by Lars von Trier. It felt like homework I had to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love sexuality as a filmmaking subject, in part because it is so difficult to do well. I feel that the 2 most difficult cinema subjects are sex [...]

Nov 302013
Jaron Lanier on our media world

The ever brilliant Jaron Lanier links the gated community of the tablet to omni-surveillance and free searching in this incisive column in the New York Times. +++ Link We will become the medium from art blog +++

Oct 012013
Schrader: cinema content can't stabilize

— In this video writer/Director Paul Schrader wears a silly multi-camera outfit and muses that constant technological change of cinema’s form may prevent good films full of content. If the form is changing, content can’t stabilize You can’t make a revolutionary film in the middle of a revolution My concern is that this period of [...]