Mar 302020
VFX split screen for bridge disaster

— Martin Halle’s vimeo channel offers an interesting split-screen of a bridge disaster VFX sequence for Final Destination 5, that shows the live action and green screen elements. Notice how the real truck helps sell the effect. The link to video is below. watch on vimeo +++

Oct 282014
Interstellar: Visualizing a Black Hole

— Cool video about how scientist Kip Thorn collaborated with the folks at Double Negative to create a scientifically true visualization of black holes for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. The key concept is from Einstein’s General Relativity: gravity bends light. And therefore the intense gravity around a black hole acts a distorting lens for the light [...]

Aug 302014
Otome - Live 3D video projection on a face

— The video from Project Otome demonstrates the scanning of a model’s face, then a live projection of video of different make-up styles on the face, as well as weirder CGI renderings. The technical accomplishment is the ability to match the video to the face as it moves in real-time. Otome is a collaboration between [...]