Sep 112014
Douglas Trumbull presents Magi: 3D at 120 fps

— In the video below from The Hollywood Reporter, visual effects maven Douglas Trumbull gives a brief review of his involvement with immersive cinema, and presents his current Magi system, shooting 3D at 120 fps. Trumbull is travelling around showing Ufotog, a demo film shot with Canon C500s and projected with Christie’s 4K 3D projector. [...]

Aug 242013
Interview: Wim Wenders about PINA & 3D

PINA (2011) by Wim Wenders is a true 3D masterpiece that combines the cinematic and dance art forms in a powerful, poetic and moving film homage to the late Pina Bausch, a brilliant, innovative choreographer. Wim Wenders was assisted on Pina by cinematographer Hélène Louvart, AFC, 3D supervisor François Garnier and director of stereography Alain [...]

Aug 022013
3D to 2D glasses

link Cool simple invention for watching 3D in 2D. Sam Rudge’s wife found 3D viewing painful, so he modified a pair of glasses to have each eye get the same polarized image. Et voila! A great solution for watching those movies with bad 3D or badly-done 2D to 3D conversions +++

Jun 232013
Archive: All About 3D

From thefilmbook archive: 5 links on making 2-eyed movies: 2 interviews with James Cameron and Vince Paice A showme video about assembling a 3D Steadicam with Philippe Bordelais Basic 3D notions with Geoff Boyle Faraway flatness and softness in 3D

Apr 132012
Alain Derobe 1936-2012

- ALAIN DEROBE – French father of 3D – Le stéréographe pionnier est décédé hier, mes condoléances à sa fille Joséphine et à sa famille. Alain était brillant, éloquent, artiste, innovateur, élégant, avec une grande humanité. The pioneer stereographer died yesterday, my condolences to his daughter Josephine & his family. Alain was brilliant, eloquent, artistic, [...]