Jun 072015
Ultra Panavision 70 projected at Cinegear

— Test footage in Ultra Panavision 70mm for The Hateful Eight was presented by Panavision’s Dan Sasaki with moderator David Heuring at the Cinegear show on June 6. The footage was shot in anamorphic 65mm and projected in 70mm film. The 1.25 anamorphosis results in a stunning 2.76:1 aspect ratio. Panavision has been working with [...]

Apr 192014
Scorpiolens anamorphic footage

— Our friend Jon Fauer has posted a video shot by the folks at Servicevision in Barcelona, demonstrating their new anamorphic lenses. The footage shows the 35mm, 75mm and 100mm at T2 and T2.8, and was shot with an Alexa. (The AC, by the way, is very good at those wide open stops.) The 35mm [...]

Feb 232014
Paris test of 2 new Cooke anamorphic lenses

Cooke has posted a video of anamorphic tests shot in Paris by cinematographer Patrick Blossier. The video starts with an introduction by Cooke CEO Les Zellan, followed by Paris footage shot with the new Cooke 50 and 75 mm anamorphic lenses. The tests were organized by our friend Danys Bruyère and his team at TSF [...]

Sep 202013
Anamorphic flares in TOTAL RECALL

Total Recall was shot in 5K with a Red Epic camera & Panavision anamorphic lenses. It is interesting to see what anamorphic lensing looks like with the Epic. I love flares, I love anamorphic & I love the characteristic horizontal flares from lenses with front anamorph elements. This blue-green streak has become part of the [...]