Apr 142014
Jay-Z & Solange Elevator Fight Skit

A skit on the Saturday Night Live TV show features the cast playing rapper Jay-Z and sister-in-law Solange explaining away their infamous elevator fight by explaining that she was trying to get a spider off him. +++

Aug 312013
Eloquent Kevin Spacey : Transcript

Actor Kevin Spacey speaks eloquently, putting forward his series House of Cards as a business model for television giving people what they want, and predicting that the distinction between features and television will disappear. watch on YouTube +++ I liked the last part of the speech so much, that I transcribed it, on these 2 [...]

Aug 302013
cinema on TV: West Wing - Brothers in Arms

The finale of Season 2 of West Wing is an example of pure cinema on television. ——————- +++ The episode is entitled Two Cathedrals. President Bartlet has just returned from the funeral of his secretary, Mrs. Landingham, a lifelong friend. It has been revealed that he has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and is going to a [...]

Aug 042013
Trailer for Cuaron's BELIEVE tv show

A trailer for Alfonso Cuaron‘s upcoming TV series, Believe, was shown at the Comic Con show. The series follows a young girl with magical skills, included telekinesis, who is protected by a group that includes an escaped convict. Cuaron produced, wrote and directed the pilot. The cinematography for the pilot is by our friend Eric [...]