Jan 022015
US Theater Attendance Down

— Variety and others report some disturbing US box office trends: 1. Movie theater attendance went down 6% in 2014 from 2013 2. Young people are going to the movies much less +++ Link: Variety article: http://bit.ly/1xaGKlk

Sep 072013
Hollywood Biz 3.0 - part 2 : INDIES

I have just published my second article on the new business model for Hollywood, on thefilmbook blog on theasc.com. The first part focused on foreign markets & China, this part focuses on the economics of American Indies (independent films). The topics include: – possible futures for global cinema – Soderbergh explanation of why studios don’t [...]

Aug 312013
Eloquent Kevin Spacey : Transcript

Actor Kevin Spacey speaks eloquently, putting forward his series House of Cards as a business model for television giving people what they want, and predicting that the distinction between features and television will disappear. watch on YouTube +++ I liked the last part of the speech so much, that I transcribed it, on these 2 [...]

Aug 262013
Hollywood Biz 3.0 : China Syndrome

+++ I wrote a simple introduction to the current Hollywood business model: box office, profits, international growth — and published it on my blog on theASC web site. This helped me understand why future studio movies will continue the trend towards action franchises in 3D and Imax, with Chinese characters & settings. +++

Aug 212013
Box Office: 2012 Top 20 Films Analysis

The take away points: – 2/3 of the world box office comes from international, and 1/3 from US/Canada – Only one film, Hunger Games, in the top 20 made more in the US than overseas – The top 20 films accounted for about $14 billion, 40% of the total 2012 gross of $35 billion – [...]

Jul 312013
THE CANYONS by Paul Schrader -- new paradigm?

Despite the bad reviews, I had looked forward to seeing Paul Schrader’s The Canyons. I feel that Lindsay Lohan is under-rated, and that she is an easy target for the Hollywood press because of her off-screen drug problems. For example, Lohan’s much-derided performance as Liz Taylor in Liz & Dick was pretty good, and the [...]

May 042013
Beauviala: "New owners" for Aaton

In a letter from Jean-Pierre Beauviala (relayed by Mitch Gross on the CML mailing list), the founder of Aaton tells us that the camera manufacturer will be “taken over by new owners”. Jean-Pierre also confirms the problems with manufacturing the Delta Penelope camera. Dear friends, AATON YESTERDAY Over the last couple of years, Aaton devoted [...]