Feb 092015
Photos of the Alexa 65

I saw the Alexa 65 at the Micro Salon in Paris. David Zucker from Arri gave me a great tour of the camera which I documented quickly with the following photos, with some comments as well. Click on image to see slide show: +++

Aug 302014
Polish 12-camera Test

— DP Szymon Lenkowski & editor Tomasz Wolski present a similar shot of a woman with 12 cameras from Arri, Red, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Black Magic and Kineraw. It’s interesting to see the ungraded camera footage, combining the pastel RAW images with the more contrasty RGB ones. The filmmakers also offer color-timed versions of the [...]

Aug 012014
Shooting the Milky Way with the ETTR Method

— It’s summer, hopefully you’re in a place with darkness at night, and you can shoot the stars! Ian Norman from lonelyspeck.com shows some of his beautiful night skyscapes, and also tells us how to shoot our own using the ETTR (Expose To The Right Method) and then process them to get nice images even [...]

Jun 202014
Video of World Cup Goalcontrol camera system

The 2014 World Cup is using a 7-camera system to calculate the ball’s position near the goal line within a few millimeters. The cameras run “up to” 500 fps. The system was developed by a German company, and also sends a “Goal” message one second after the action to a watch worn by the referee. [...]

May 012014
Paris drive shot with Phantom Flex

Our friends at Photocinerent shot with a high-speed Phantom Flex as they drove through Paris, and posted their video on vimeo. The combination of frozen people and a moving camera is eerie. I’m guessing that the video was shot in HQ mode at 1275 fps, which means they were driving pretty quickly +++ Link http://bit.ly/1iMjUJu [...]

Apr 182014
Emmanuel Lubezki: "The Gap"

— In an interview with Carolyn Giardina for The Hollywood Reporter, Emmanuel Lubezki shares his excitement about HDR (High Dynamic Range), in order to get ride of “the gap” between current digital cameras and what he is used to getting on film negative. +++ Link http://bit.ly/1mdxgAN +++

Oct 102013
"4K and better pixels" article

— I wrote an article on 4K and better pixels for my blog on theasc.com I discuss: – 4K and UHD – 6 factors for better pixels – Arri’s 2.8K – Sony’s 4K and UHD – futures – the challenge to theaters – compression & Rec 2020 – upconversion – image quality +++

Oct 032013
Notes on the Red Dragon camera

Kris Prygrocki of Red US gave me a nice demo of the brand-new Red Dragon camera at IBC. ___ Here are my notes: Dragon sensor is 10% larger than the Mysterium-X Dragon sensor diagonal is 34.5mm versus 29 mm for the Mysterium-X (35mm full frame is 40.5mm) – This means there will less cropping if [...]

Sep 242013
Photos of Sony PXW-Z100

Here are some photos I took of Sony’s new $6500 4K camera, the PXW-Z100 Sony PXW-Z100 4K camcorder features: – 20x zoom lens – 1/2.3 inch sensor – 422 10-bit 4K (4096×2160) or UHD – 50 or 60P – up to 600 Mbps (at 60P) – XAVC format (like the F55) – XQD cards – [...]

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