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UltraPanavision70 at Cinegear with Dan Sasaki -thefilmbook-

Test footage in Ultra Panavision 70mm for The Hateful Eight was presented by Panavision’s Dan Sasaki with moderator David Heuring at the Cinegear show on June 6.

The footage was shot in anamorphic 65mm and projected in 70mm film. The 1.25 anamorphosis results in a stunning 2.76:1 aspect ratio.

Panavision has been working with director Quentin Tarantino and DP Robert Richardson to refine Ultra Panavision 70 camera systems and optics for their project, 60 years after the format’s creation.

“Quentin wanted an epic Western, something that hasn’t been seen in forever, that would really wow people”
Dan Sasaki,
Panavision VP of Optical Engineering

By all accounts the 70mm anamorphic film projection dazzled the spectators at Cinegear. It’s great to see this wonderful format used in 2015 !
The screen photo is from DP Bill Bennett’s twitter feed, who commented: “Crazy beautiful.”

hollywood reporter: Cine Gear Expo: ‘Hateful Eight’ 70mm Test Footage Dazzles by Carolyn Giardina
wikipedia article: http://bit.ly/wikiUltraPV70

  One Response to “Ultra Panavision 70 projected at Cinegear”

  1. Due to an extremely unfortunate scheduling mishap:
    THE 70MM “Road Show” of H8FUL EIGHT is NOT showing in any truly large auditorium or giant wide screen on the ENTIRE WEST COAST OF THE UNITED STATES!! *

    * {except The Hollywood Theatre in Portland Oregon}

    I really do NOT know what they were thinking, releasing THE HATEFUL EIGHT on Dec. 25, one week after STAR WARS (the most well known, anticipated, big screen movie in decades).

    And I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in California, the special – big deal – bring back 70MM “Road Show” Presentation of THE H8FUL EIGHT will NOT be showing at:
    The Cinerama Dome in Hollywood (the only truly huge, really wide screen left in California); The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood (which just got a 70MM Projector for Interstellar); The large (main) auditorium of The Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland; Any IMAX Theatre anywhere; The giant, curved, extra wide silver screen at our local Galaxy Theatre in Riverbank, etc…

    Quentin Tarantino apparently said that it is showing in The Cinerama Dome. But I just checked the schedule again, and it is NOT. See for yourself…

    Instead, EVERY Theatre on the West Coast (except two*) that is showing The 70MM H8FUL EIGHT road show is also showing STAR WARS at the same time. And from an email to me from one Bay Area theatre, “STAR WARS (BY CONTRACT) MUST PLAY IN OUR LARGEST AUDITORIUM WITH NO CHANGES TO ITS SHOWTIMES FROM DEC 18 – JAN 14”

    * The ONLY Theatre in California that is Not also showing STAR WARS at the same time, is The Tower Theatre in Sacramento, which WAS a Cinerama Theatre until the 1980s, when they divided it up into one medium size screen, and two tiny screens.

    The Castro Theatre in San Francisco (which had its last 70MM Film Festival in July 2008) must have lost, sold, or broke their 70MM projection equipment (as I thought), because they are not showing THE H8FUL EIGHT OR STAR WARS!

    And last, but definitely not least: The Cinerama Theatre in Seattle, Washington is also NOT showing THE H8FUL EIGHT 70MM Road Show. They too are showing STAR WARS during that time instead.

    I was definitely planning on seeing The Hateful Eight, but I give up. It is NOT worth the higher admission price to see an Epic Big Screen 70MM Film on a SMALL SCREEN, in a SMALL AUDITORIUM!!!

    * * * * * * *

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