Sep 112014

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In the video below from The Hollywood Reporter, visual effects maven Douglas Trumbull gives a brief review of his involvement with immersive cinema, and presents his current Magi system, shooting 3D at 120 fps.

Trumbull is travelling around showing Ufotog, a demo film shot with Canon C500s and projected with Christie’s 4K 3D projector. Trumbull will give presentations at the Toronto film festival and at IBC in Amsterdam.

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Douglas Trumbull worked on the special effects of Stanley Kubrik’s 2001, A Space Odyssey, Stephen Spielberg’s Encounters of the Third Kind, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, and, more recently, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life. Trumbull is also the inventor of the pioneering 120 fps Showscan 70mm film projection system.



IBC Big Screen Keynote: Douglas Trumbull

Hollywood Reporter: VFX Legend Douglas Trumbull’s Plan to Save the Movies


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  1. I think if competing technology, (Dolby’s new thing) is mentioned, then Doug should be posting along side it for us to think about.It has to be on people’s minds.

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