Jul 132021
Carne y Arena - Amazing VR by Iñarritu & Lubezki

I have written a post of my impressions of the amazing Virtual Reality istallation by director Alejandro G. Iñarritu with cinematographer Emmanuel (“Chivo”) Lubezki, that I saw at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Alejandro and Chivo have previously collaborated on Birdman and The Revenant. Carne y Arena is presently showing in Los Angeles and Milan. [...]

Oct 142015
Screen4All Forum: VR Day photos

dvmobile’s stereo 3D VR camera rig +++ I went to the Screen4All Forum day dedicated to Virtual Reality (or 360 Immersion), at l’Usine in Paris and took these photos of the booths and presentations +++ links Screen4All Mediakwest adastra-films.com/en digitalimmersion.fr dvmobile.fr entapano.com/jp (Entayina) gopro.com/ horamvr.com innerspacevr.com kolor.com okio-studio.com starbreeze.com video-stitch.com +++

Oct 142015
Virtual Reality Cinema 5: Futures

Projection onto the dome at the SAT in Montreal My fifth post about Virtual Reality Cinema covers: 1. cameras 2. headsets 3. distribution 4. Stereo, Pano, Ciné + camera & software 5. environments, events & processes 6. loci 7. audio 8. domes 9. interactivity 10. recording depth maps 11. empathy & uncanny valley 12. futures [...]

Oct 142015
Virtual Reality Cinema 4: Content

Chris Milk TED talk +++ My fourth post on my ASC blog about Virtual Reality Cinema covers: 1. simple beginnings 2. being there 3. fixed or moving 360 4. shorts 5. documentary versus fiction 6. theater without a crew 7. editing? 8. intimacy 9. Clouds Over Sidra 10. empathy +++ LINK http://bit.ly/VRCinema4-thefilmbook- +++

Oct 142015
Virtual Cinema 3: Cameras

Jaunt’s second prototype 360 stereo camera system – Right: Jaunt camera system on a Steadicam. Note the small camera size. +++ My third post on my ASC blog about Virtual Reality Cinema covers: VR glossar 1. Theta camera 2. Freedom360 system 3. stitching software 4. latest smartphones 5. stereo 360 6. Jaunt 7. Google Jump [...]

Oct 142015
Virtual Reality Cinema 2: Image Spheres

A frame from Blanca Li 360. Note spatial distortion at top and bottom. (concert.arte.tv) +++ My second post on my ASC blog about Virtual Reality Cinema covers: 1. headsets 2. Cardboard app 3. Earth maps 4. Blanca Li 360 5. camera issues +++ LINK http://bit.ly/VRCinema2-thefilmbook- +++