Oct 052021
Gordon Willis Tribute : KLUTE

– I posted a closer look at Klute, a lesser-known masterpiece by Alan Pakula with pioneering cinematography by the late, great Godron Willis, ASC, with comments by fellow cinematographers Ed Lachman, Matthew Libatique & Vilmos Zsigmond, as well as my friend & colleague Stephen Pizzello, who recently completed a book about Gordon. This post is [...]

Nov 302015
Camerimage 2015 Photo Journal

I posted some 100 photos of my experience at the 2015 Camerimage Festival on thefilmbook blog on theasc web site. link: bit.ly/CamerimagePhotoJournal2015 +++

Nov 302014
Camerimage 2014 Wrap

— I published a post looking back at what I saw and did at Camerimage on thefilmbook blog on the ASC web site or, put differently: Looking back at 3 Frogs 4 Seminars & 37 photographs +++

Oct 292014
Camerimage 2014: 15 Films in Main Competition

— Camerimage has announced the films in their Main Competition, the list includes: 3 American films, 3 British films, 3 Polish films, 2 French-Canadian films **, 1 Austrian film, 1 Chinese film, 1 Palestinian film & 1 Russian film. More details on Camerimage’s web site Notes: I’m disappointed not to see a French film in [...]

Nov 282013
Camerimage 2013 photo journal

I posted a photo journal of my experience at Camerimage 2013 on thefilmbook blog on the ASC web site. It includes: – photos of Bydgoszcz – recap of the winners of the Main Competition – recap of some of the educational events – informal portraits of people I saw at Camerimage +++ +++