Nov 032013

directors uk get 16mm approved again by BBC -thefilmbook-

Thanks to a lengthy campaign by British filmmakers and friends, the BBC has finally cancelled its scandalous ban of material originated on Super 16mm film — an egregious example, if ever there was one, of the engineering tail wagging the creative dog.

Bravo to Directors UK for spearheading this return to sanity!



The letter sent to the BBC that was signed by 32 leading British directors.


  2 Responses to “BBC finally accepts Super 16 again”

  1. Have been Following this debate for some time now, Years, it seems that with each decade the demise of image capture on Motion Picture Film is predicted to come to an end… And with each new tecnology trying to put an end to Film, its seems the first invention of motion picture film allways seems to come back from the so called grave…. Why is that I ask….. ??? Having produced programming on the endless electrioinc formats our clients are allways more satisfied in programs produced on Film….easeier to shoot, more dependable, budget friendly, The list goes on and on….

    • Yes, let’s hope that film negative, both 35mm and 16mm, continues to offer another creative & practical choice to filmmakers. Now that Kodak is in better financial health, much depends on the continued existence of labs in the film production centers around the globe. At a recent seminar in Camerimage, a Kodak rep said there were 103 film labs in the world today.

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