May 302015
Palme d'or winner Jacques Audiard

— “What interested me in this was the Other. How do we see him and perceive him, how does he perceive us? How do we perceive the people who sell us roses at a café terrace, and who we send away without looking at them? They come from some place. That was what interested me.” [...]

May 062015
document: Berlin July 1945

— An amazing historical video document in HD color: Berlin filmed at the end of the war, 70 years ago, that ends with an astounding fly over. +++

Mar 202015
A Magical Clothes Dance by Tell No One

————————– A magical clothes dance This charming, funny video by Tell No One (Luke White and Remi Weekes) was made as a kind of showcase for the clothes. +++ watch on Vimeo +++ links Tell No One pastemagazine: London Filmmakers Talk Experimental Video Blog, Tell No One +++ via Pierre-Hugues Galien +++

Mar 162015
-- Almost famous: 6 extra cinematography nominees

— Leviathan – cinematography by Mikhael Krichman Presenting 6 DPs who weren’t nominated for the BAFTA / ASC / Oscar awards: a Tunisian, a Turk, a Russian, a French-Canadian, an American & a Brit on thefilmbook blog on theASC web site +++ link: +++

Mar 132015
Trailer for "Marfa Girl" by Larry Clark

———————- Another film about teenagers by the maverick director and photographer Larry Clark. First offered on Clark’s web site, it will now be available on iTunes. +++ +++

Feb 222015
Emmanuel Lubezki thanks Alejandro Iñarritu

————————————————– When accepting the Spirit award for the cinematography of Birdman, Chivo gives a heartfelt and humorous thank you to “my friend the director Alejandrito el negro Gonzales Iñarritu, for your genius cabron (fucker). You’re a pain in the ass but you’re absolutely one of the greatest directors I’ve ever worked with. I love you. [...]

Feb 142015
Luciano Tovoli Master Class in Paris

Cinematographer Luciano Tovoli gave a wonderful Master Class in Paris last week, as part of the Cameflex event. The Master Class was ably moderated by Dominique Maillet, who also invited French camera operator Yves Agostini, and then director Jacob Berger to discuss their collaborations with Tovoli. Click on an image to start a slide show [...]

Feb 092015
Photos of the Alexa 65

I saw the Alexa 65 at the Micro Salon in Paris. David Zucker from Arri gave me a great tour of the camera which I documented quickly with the following photos, with some comments as well: +++