Oct 142015
Screen4All Forum: VR Day photos

dvmobile’s stereo 3D VR camera rig +++ I went to the Screen4All Forum day dedicated to Virtual Reality (or 360 Immersion), at l’Usine in Paris and took these photos of the booths and presentations +++ links Screen4All Mediakwest adastra-films.com/en digitalimmersion.fr dvmobile.fr entapano.com/jp (Entayina) gopro.com/ horamvr.com innerspacevr.com kolor.com okio-studio.com starbreeze.com video-stitch.com +++

Oct 142015
Virtual Reality Cinema 5: Futures

Projection onto the dome at the SAT in Montreal My fifth post about Virtual Reality Cinema covers: 1. cameras 2. headsets 3. distribution 4. Stereo, Pano, Ciné + camera & software 5. environments, events & processes 6. loci 7. audio 8. domes 9. interactivity 10. recording depth maps 11. empathy & uncanny valley 12. futures [...]

Oct 142015
Virtual Reality Cinema 4: Content

Chris Milk TED talk +++ My fourth post on my ASC blog about Virtual Reality Cinema covers: 1. simple beginnings 2. being there 3. fixed or moving 360 4. shorts 5. documentary versus fiction 6. theater without a crew 7. editing? 8. intimacy 9. Clouds Over Sidra 10. empathy +++ LINK http://bit.ly/VRCinema4-thefilmbook +++

Oct 142015
Virtual Cinema 3: Cameras

Jaunt’s second prototype 360 stereo camera system – Right: Jaunt camera system on a Steadicam. Note the small camera size. +++ My third post on my ASC blog about Virtual Reality Cinema covers: VR glossar 1. Theta camera 2. Freedom360 system 3. stitching software 4. latest smartphones 5. stereo 360 6. Jaunt 7. Google Jump [...]

Oct 142015
Virtual Reality Cinema 2: Image Spheres

A frame from Blanca Li 360. Note spatial distortion at top and bottom. (concert.arte.tv) +++ My second post on my ASC blog about Virtual Reality Cinema covers: 1. headsets 2. Cardboard app 3. Earth maps 4. Blanca Li 360 5. camera issues +++ LINK http://bit.ly/VRCinema2-thefilmbook +++

Jun 072015
Ultra Panavision 70 projected at Cinegear

— Test footage in Ultra Panavision 70mm for The Hateful Eight was presented by Panavision’s Dan Sasaki with moderator David Heuring at the Cinegear show on June 6. The footage was shot in anamorphic 65mm and projected in 70mm film. The 1.25 anamorphosis results in a stunning 2.76:1 aspect ratio. Panavision has been working with [...]

May 302015
Palme d'or winner Jacques Audiard

— “What interested me in this was the Other. How do we see him and perceive him, how does he perceive us? How do we perceive the people who sell us roses at a café terrace, and who we send away without looking at them? They come from some place. That was what interested me.” [...]