Oct 052016
Gordon Willis Tribute : KLUTE

– I posted a closer look at Klute, a lesser-known masterpiece by Alan Pakula with pioneering cinematography by the late, great Godron Willis, ASC, with comments by fellow cinematographers Ed Lachman, Matthew Libatique & Vilmos Zsigmond, as well as my friend & colleague Stephen Pizzello, who recently completed a book about Gordon. This post is [...]

Oct 022016
-- Gordon Willis : A Web Reference

– The photo shows the standing ovation Gordon received the evening he received his honorary Oscar for his body of work. This event is featured among the Gordon Willis Web Reference, a selection of annotated links I put together about the great cinematographer on thefilmbook ASC blog. (Willis did not receive any nominations for his [...]

Sep 092016
Kubrick self-portrait on set of THE SHINING

Stanley Kubrick shoots a mirror self-portrait with his daughter Vivian on the set of The Shining, his most perfect film, if not his best one. Kubrick worked as a professional photographer in his youth. It’s telling to see him blur out everything (including the movie star) except for himself, his daughter Vivian and the Arri [...]

Sep 062016
1826 First photograph ever taken

View from the Window at Le Gras, the first successful permanent photograph created by Nicéphore Niépce in 1826, Saint-Loup-de-Varennes. Captured on 20 × 25 cm oil-treated bitumen. http://bit.ly/16wFo2T The bitumen photograph plate The photo was made with an 8 hour exposure in a camera oscura on photosensitive bitumen. The photo is developed by washing away [...]

Sep 022016
-- Interview with Xavier Dolan about MOMMY

— “I’ve learned is that it is very important in this business to never doubt yourself, although it’s just as crucial to doubt your ideas” The brilliant young director talks about “Mommy”, his creative process & his collaboration with DP André Turpin Published on theASC web site +++ Link: https://ascmag.com/blog/the-film-book/mommy-interview-xavier-dolan +++

Sep 022016
BABY DRIVER Opening Scene

Masterful execution of bank robbery / chase by director Edgar Wright, with dp Bill Pope, cut to “Bellbottoms” by editors Jonathan Amos & Paul Machliss I especially like the first 2 1/2 minutes: introduction to the main character, with glimpses of the robbery from the getaway driver’s perspective. Great pop cinema. LINK http://bit.ly/BabyDriverOpening

Sep 012016
IBC 2016 Preview

+++ – IBC 2016 Preview http://bit.ly/thefilmbookIBC2016preview A preview of the geography, themes & Big Screen events of IBC 2016 on thefilmbook on theASC web site +++

Jul 242016
Civil Disobedience Selfie Video

Elin Ersson, an extraordinary young Swedish woman streams her act of civil disobedience: standing inside a plane to prevent the deportation of an Afghan man. +++ LINK http://bit.ly/CivilDisobedienceSelfie +++