Aug 282013

Noted cinematographer and filmmaker Haskell Wexler shot a documentary (with Mike Butler and Nel Cox) of people traveling across the US in a bus to join the March on Washington in 1963. The 12-minute excerpt below shows a succession of brief interchanges by the protesters about non-violence, group decisions and other political talk. In Washington, [...]

Aug 042013
Trailer for Cuaron's BELIEVE tv show

A trailer for Alfonso Cuaron‘s upcoming TV series, Believe, was shown at the Comic Con show. The series follows a young girl with magical skills, included telekinesis, who is protected by a group that includes an escaped convict. Cuaron produced, wrote and directed the pilot. The cinematography for the pilot is by our friend Eric [...]

Aug 032013
Well-cut trailer for AMERICAN HUSTLE

After Silver Linings Playbook, David O Russell brings us a saga of con artists with a wonderful ensemble cast, and cinematography by Linus Sandgren. The trailer is beautifully, and playfully, cut to Led Zeppelin’s Good Times, Bad Times. Bravo to the editors, presumably Jay Cassidy & Kevin Tent. Watch on YouTube I want to see [...]

Jul 232013
Christopher Doyle interview part 2

This is the second part of my interview with Christopher Doyle. Here Chris speaks about accepting mistakes, engaging with filmmakers, avoiding careerism, and feeling who is behind the camera… among other things. You can also watch this on YouTube You can watch part 1 of this interview in my blog on the ASC web site. [...]

May 052013
Refn to Gosling: "Violence is like sex"

Nicholas Winding Refn explains film violence to his leading man Ryan Gosling, in this brief behind the scenes clip from “Only God Forgives”; the Danish director is also seen wearing his trademark midriff blanket on set. Refn will premiere “Only God Forgives” at the Cannes Festival this month. +++

May 052013

A Bangkok shoot-out and chase from Nicholas Winding Refn’s upcoming film, which will premiere in Cannes: +++ In another scene, Gosling’s character and his date get crudely insulted by his mother +++ In another excerpt, Gosling’s character attacks a man in an empty nightclub +++ The cinematography by Larry Smith is dark, moody, colorful. It [...]

Apr 052013

“The whole job of the director is to create an atmosphere of complete security around the actor” (part 3) In this 6-part, hour-long 1971 conversation with Dick Cavett, the genius filmmaker talks about: his childhood (part 1), leaving home at 18, seeing his first movie “Black Beauty” (part 2), working with actors, his debt to [...]

Apr 052013
Rodney Charters: Lighting tools for DSLR

The cinematographer of 24 gives advice about movie lighting tools to still photographers wanting to make the transition to video. He mentions the use of Chimeras, Kino Flos and HMIs from K5600 Lighting. +++