May 102014
Ferrara's "Welcome to New York" trailer

I admit that I’m intrigued to see Abel Ferrara’s take on the DSK scandal (the French head of the IMF who was accused of forcing himself on a hotel maid). In a thinly-veiled reference to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Gérard Depardieu plays a dissolute businessman, and Jacqueline Bisset his rich wife. The trailer is in French, but [...]

May 062014
Wong Kar Wai interviewed by Martin Scorsese

– Martin Scorsese interviews Wong Kar Wai about The Grandmaster. It’s a real joy to listen to these 2 great directors talk about their art. Wong starts by saying “it’s an honor to be with my hero”, and also states that Raging Bull has one of “the greatest fight scenes of all time”. +++ link [...]

Nov 092013

___ The Broken Circle Breakdown leads the 2013 European Film Awards in nominations. The Flemish film tells the jumbled story of a couple of bluegrass musicians whose marriage is challenged when their child is diagnosed with cancer. The Broken Circle Breakdown is directed by Felix van Groeningen, stars Veerle Baetens and Johan Heldenbergh, with cinematography [...]

Nov 032013
DPs and Gaffers - Who Does What?

My latest post for thefilmbook blog on the ASC site is based on a Camerimage seminar I moderated with cinematographers and gaffers, with the encouragement and sponsorship of Marc Galerne of K5600 Lighting, and additional support by Jacques Delacoux of Transvideo. _____ The participants pictured above are: Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, gaffer James Plannette, Michel Abramowicz, [...]

Oct 292013
No Woman No Drive - a charming protest

Artist and social activist Alaa Wardi created this charming multi-screen & muti-track video ridiculing the Saudi ban on woman drivers, in an adaptation of Bob Marley’s classic No Woman No Cry. __ watch on YouTube +++

Oct 012013
Schrader: cinema content can't stabilize

— In this video writer/Director Paul Schrader wears a silly multi-camera outfit and muses that constant technological change of cinema’s form may prevent good films full of content. If the form is changing, content can’t stabilize You can’t make a revolutionary film in the middle of a revolution My concern is that this period of [...]

Aug 312013
Eloquent Kevin Spacey : Transcript

Actor Kevin Spacey speaks eloquently, putting forward his series House of Cards as a business model for television giving people what they want, and predicting that the distinction between features and television will disappear. watch on YouTube +++ I liked the last part of the speech so much, that I transcribed it, on these 2 [...]