Mar 302015
VFX split screen for bridge disaster

— Martin Halle’s vimeo channel offers an interesting split-screen of a bridge disaster VFX sequence for Final Destination 5, that shows the live action and green screen elements. Notice how the real truck helps sell the effect. The link to video is below. watch on vimeo +++

Mar 032014
Kress Lighting Workshop part 3

My posts about Eric Kress‘ Lighting Workshop on the ASC web site have been very popular. Eric was the cinematographer of the original “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. I am preparing part 4 in the next 2 weeks… The workshop was held at Gothenburg Film Studios during Gokinema, in collaboration with Michael Petersen, and with [...]

Feb 272014
Slates for Sarah facebook page

— Camera crews from all over are contributing to a touching tribute facebook page of camera slates for Sarah Elizabeth Jones, the camera assistant who died tragically on a shoot on a railroad bridge in Georgia. Sarah was 27. +++

Feb 232014
Helpless Mirth: Brad Pitt on set

Uncontrollable laughter — a case of the giggles — sometimes just happens on set. It’s often triggered by one line of ordinary dialogue, that the actor just can’t say with a straight face. The more he tries not to laugh, the more he laughs. This inability of the professional actor to be “professional”, his helpless [...]

Dec 082013
Haskell Wexler dances on a string

— The great cinematographer is tied to actress Sandy Dennis on the set of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf; this rope “leash” is a good way to keep a constant distance between an actor and the camera. Of course this is also an amazing image of the bond between the actor & cinematographer: dance & [...]

Aug 032013
Shooting the METROPOLIS flood scene

This photo gives a feeling of the ambition & scale of this huge 1927 production directed by Fritz Lang, who is holding the megaphone on the left. Note the 4 small cameras at work. Metropolis was shot in what is now Babelsburg Studios near Berlin. +++ In this interview, Lang states that he didn’t use [...]

Jul 022013
Documentary of Kubrick's THE SHINING

Vivian Kubrick’s extraordinary 35-minute documentary about the making of her father’s film, The Shining, has many wonderful moments: – her dad setting up a low-angle shot on Nicholson – or his correcting Duvall’s performance, – or the great Garrett Brown doing a Steadicam shot. A rare document by someone with almost total access to a [...]