Dec 312015
2015 in Review, 6 Trends

+++ A look back at some of the wonderful films of 2015, and 6 trends I noticed in the past year on thefilmbook blog on the ASC web site 6 Trends 1. Long Takes 2. Elastic Frame 3. Shooting Negative 4. Digital Finesse 5. Monitors Rival Theaters 6. Large Format +++ Link:

May 062015
document: Berlin July 1945

— An amazing historical video document in HD color: Berlin filmed at the end of the war, 70 years ago, that ends with an astounding fly over. +++

Mar 202015
A Magical Clothes Dance by Tell No One

————————– A magical clothes dance This charming, funny video by Tell No One (Luke White and Remi Weekes) was made as a kind of showcase for the clothes. +++ watch on Vimeo +++ links Tell No One pastemagazine: London Filmmakers Talk Experimental Video Blog, Tell No One +++ via Pierre-Hugues Galien +++

Mar 132015
Trailer for "Marfa Girl" by Larry Clark

———————- Another film about teenagers by the maverick director and photographer Larry Clark. First offered on Clark’s web site, it will now be available on iTunes. +++ +++

Oct 192014
Strangers on a Train 3 - Murder

— “Truffaut said that Hitchcock filmed lovemaking as if it was murder, and filmed murder as if it was lovemaking.” I have posted my third commentary about Alfred Hitchcock‘s brilliant film, Strangers on a Train. My first post discussed the opening sequence, comparing the shooting script to the film, and Truffaut’s vision of Hitchcock as [...]

Sep 032014
Timelapse of REAR WINDOW

— Jeff Desom’s methodical assembly of all the shots of the courtyard in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece is an extraordinary piece of storyboarding. You get to see all the different homes and stories that make up the courtyard, and to see the plot unfold. Desom actually used this footage to create a 20-minute 3-projector looping video [...]

Sep 022014
PASOLINI by Ferrara - 2 Trailers

___ Abel Ferrara offers a film about Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini starring Willem Dafoe in the title role. The film focuses on the end of his life and his mysterious murder. I wonder whether the film can do justice to the complex genius of the poet, filmmaker, artist. I hope it’s better than Welcome [...]