Mar 262016
Batman v Superman - Sad Affleck meme

A funny take on the actor turned superhero during an obligatory press junket interview. Despite very bad reviews, the DC movie is breaking box office records. watch on YouTube +++

Dec 312015
2015 in Review, 6 Trends

+++ A look back at some of the wonderful films of 2015, and 6 trends I noticed in the past year on thefilmbook blog on the ASC web site 6 Trends 1. Long Takes 2. Elastic Frame 3. Shooting Negative 4. Digital Finesse 5. Monitors Rival Theaters 6. Large Format +++ Link:

May 062015
document: Berlin July 1945

— An amazing historical video document in HD color: Berlin filmed at the end of the war, 70 years ago, that ends with an astounding fly over. +++

Apr 052015
Gordon Willis Tribute : KLUTE

– I posted a closer look at Klute, a lesser-known masterpiece by Alan Pakula with pioneering cinematography by the late, great Godron Willis, ASC, with comments by fellow cinematographers Ed Lachman, Matthew Libatique & Vilmos Zsigmond, as well as my friend & colleague Stephen Pizzello, who recently completed a book about Gordon. This post is [...]

Mar 202015
A Magical Clothes Dance by Tell No One

————————– A magical clothes dance This charming, funny video by Tell No One (Luke White and Remi Weekes) was made as a kind of showcase for the clothes. +++ watch on Vimeo +++ links Tell No One pastemagazine: London Filmmakers Talk Experimental Video Blog, Tell No One +++ via Pierre-Hugues Galien +++

Mar 132015
Trailer for "Marfa Girl" by Larry Clark

———————- Another film about teenagers by the maverick director and photographer Larry Clark. First offered on Clark’s web site, it will now be available on iTunes. +++ +++