Jun 072014
Andrei Zvyagintsev & Mikhail Krichman in Cannes

– The Russian director and cinematographer of the powerful drama Leviathan in Cannes, the day after the widely acclaimed film got the prize for best screenplay from Jane Campion’s jury. Many of us felt that this richly composed, tragic tale — inspired by Thomas Hobbes and the Book of Job — deserved a higher honor. [...]

May 062014
Wong Kar Wai interviewed by Martin Scorsese

– Martin Scorsese interviews Wong Kar Wai about The Grandmaster. It’s a real joy to listen to these 2 great directors talk about their art. Wong starts by saying “it’s an honor to be with my hero”, and also states that Raging Bull has one of “the greatest fight scenes of all time”. +++ link [...]

Feb 092014
Peter Weir : "inspiration"

I posted a short clip of director Peter Weir speaking about “inspiration” on my ASC blog. +++ LINK http://bit.ly/weirInspiration +++

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Nov 302013
Ed Lachman and Gaspar Noé

I had the pleasure of seeing these distinguished filmmakers at Ed’s chic opening at Marie-Dominique Toussaint’s Galerie Cinema in Paris. Ed is exhibiting frame blow-ups from his movies & collages. — Gaspar agreed that Lars von Trier’s upcoming Nymphomaniac seems like it will be more disturbing than sexy. Gaspar says that he will finally shoot [...]

Aug 162013
David Fincher at Red

Director David Fincher visits Red in 2010 to see their upcoming Epic camera, originally posted by Mark Romanek. +++ Fincher was a digital camera pioneer, starting with the Viper on Zodiac with cinematographer Harris Savides, and moving on to the Red with cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth on The Social Network and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. [...]

Aug 092013
Woody Allen: Unconscious Writing

In this pithy interview with Cal Fussman, the director also shared his long-held admiration for fellow director Ingmar Bergman: Me sitting down for dinner with Ingmar Bergman felt like a house painter sitting down with Picasso. Read the interview on Esquire site +++

Jul 022013
Documentary of Kubrick's THE SHINING

Vivian Kubrick’s extraordinary 35-minute documentary about the making of her father’s film, The Shining, has many wonderful moments: – her dad setting up a low-angle shot on Nicholson – or his correcting Duvall’s performance, – or the great Garrett Brown doing a Steadicam shot. A rare document by someone with almost total access to a [...]

Jun 232013
Blake Creams Natalie

Blake Edwards throws a pie at Natalie Wood. The great comedic director targets his actress on the set of The Great Race in 1964, as a cream-faced Jack Lemmon looks on. Edwards and Wood reportedly did not get on well during the shoot, so this may have been a cathartic moment for both. Photo by [...]