Feb 022019
20 Frames from ROMA

Netflix published a YouTube video showcasing the wonderful cinematography by Alfonso Cuaron for his film ROMA. I grabbed some of the beautifully intricate frames below. Every still frame merits study, like a photograph. Click on any image to enter into a slideshow mode: +++ YouTube link: http://bit.ly/Roma-Cinematography-YouTube +++

Jul 102018
Godard Does FaceTime

Jean-Luc Godard re-invented the Cannes press conference during the 2108 Festival, by speaking with journalists via a smartphone using FaceTime. This post gives us some of the highlights. +++ Godard’s Guernica FaceTime with Godard 1. Thinking with Your Hands 2. Editing Comes First 3. An Editing Equation 4. Separating Image & Sound 5. Totalitarian Actors [...]

Sep 092016
Kubrick self-portrait on set of THE SHINING

Stanley Kubrick shoots a mirror self-portrait with his daughter Vivian on the set of The Shining, his most perfect film, if not his best one. Kubrick worked as a professional photographer in his youth. It’s telling to see him blur out everything (including the movie star) except for himself, his daughter Vivian and the Arri [...]

Sep 022016
-- Interview with Xavier Dolan about MOMMY

— “I’ve learned is that it is very important in this business to never doubt yourself, although it’s just as crucial to doubt your ideas” The brilliant young director talks about “Mommy”, his creative process & his collaboration with DP André Turpin Published on thefilmbook blog on ascmag.com web site +++ Link: http://bit.ly/XavierDolanMommyThefilmbook +++

May 302015
Palme d'or winner Jacques Audiard

— “What interested me in this was the Other. How do we see him and perceive him, how does he perceive us? How do we perceive the people who sell us roses at a café terrace, and who we send away without looking at them? They come from some place. That was what interested me.” [...]

Feb 222015
Emmanuel Lubezki thanks Alejandro Iñarritu

————————————————– When accepting the Spirit award for the cinematography of Birdman, Chivo gives a heartfelt and humorous thank you to “my friend the director Alejandrito el negro Gonzales Iñarritu, for your genius cabron (fucker). You’re a pain in the ass but you’re absolutely one of the greatest directors I’ve ever worked with. I love you. [...]

Sep 202014
My interview with Luc Besson part 2

— “For me, the person in the shot is the star. He may have only one line of dialogue in the film, but I’m going take care of him in the same way I’m going to take care of Scarlett.” Part 2 of my interview with Luc Besson on thefilmbook blog on theASC.com +++

Sep 052014
My Interview with Director/Camera Operator Luc Besson

Luc Besson shooting Scarlet Johansson in Lucy — “When I was young, I was far from the actors, because I was afraid of them. Now I’m only a meter away…” Part 1 of my interview with Besson on thefilmbook blog on theASC.com +++

Sep 022014
Iñarritu about the long takes in BIRDMAN

— Director Alejandro Iñarritu speaks with Anne Thompson at Telluride about his latest film, Birdman. By all accounts the film is brilliant, innovative, powerful. I’m dying to see it. Like Hitchcock’s Rope, the film is presented as one continuous take, with editing masking the splices between a series of long takes. The cinematography is by [...]