Feb 142015

Cinematographer Luciano Tovoli gave a wonderful Master Class in Paris last week, as part of the Cameflex event. The Master Class was ably moderated by Dominique Maillet, who also invited French camera operator Yves Agostini, and then director Jacob Berger to discuss their collaborations with Tovoli.

Click on an image to start a slide show of photos that I took of the Master Class. (You can use the right or left arrows on your keyboard to navigate through the slide show, and you can also download high-res versions of the photos.)

The Italian DP started by commenting some of his own photographs, and went on to discuss key films. I was particularly taken by his recounting of two collaborations with director Michelangelo Antonioni: the documentary China and The Passenger (Luciano discussed the famous one-shot finale at length).

Luciano also discussed his use of color in Dario Argento’s Suspira, and his bright night exteriors in Argento’s Tenebre.

Bravo to Alain Coiffier, Eric Guichard, the AFC and the entire crew of Cameflex for organizing a fascinating event.

Cameflex was produced in partnership with Cinéma Grand Action, K5600 Lighting, Panavision Alga, Ymagis, and the support of the CNC, CST and the San Sebastian Film Festival.



AFC web site: Luciano Tovoli, portrait of a free man by Dominique Maillet


All photos copyright 2015 by Benjamin B
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