Nov 162013

Chris Doyle interview part 3 -thefilmbook

In part 3 of my video interview with Chris Doyle, the cinematographer talks about the importance of “being there” on set, and talks about the collaboration between the late Harris Savides and director Gus van Sant.


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  1. Hello there!
    I find this website very interesting and educational, especially for young filmmakers as I am.
    I am doing acting, but my passion is the cinematography and lightning.
    As a “poor student” I am not able to have good internet connection most of the time, so my question was is it possible to have these videos for download somewhere?
    Keep the good work!


    A. Nedyalkova

    • Hello Anjela,

      I’m glad you like thefilmbook.

      I am looking at a download solution.

      All the best,


      PS I looked at the trailer in your link for Avé, and it looks promising.
      Are you the actress?

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