Oct 032013

Kris Prygrocki of Red US gave me a nice demo of the brand-new Red Dragon camera at IBC.

Red Dragon camera -thefilmbook-

Here are my notes:

Dragon sensor is 10% larger than the Mysterium-X
Dragon sensor diagonal is 34.5mm versus 29 mm for the Mysterium-X
(35mm full frame is 40.5mm)
– This means there will less cropping if you shoot anamorphic than with the Epic

Dragon’s photosites are 5 microns wide versus 5.4 microns on the Epic

Dragon ASA is around 1500
Dragon dynamic range is “16+ stops” versus Mysterium-X “13.5 stops”
– One wonders how you get more dynamic range with smaller photosites

Dragon compression ratios go from 3:1 to 17:1

Dragon maximum output is a 6144 x 3160 16-bit lin image

If you want to match the 5K Epic’s field of view
you should set Dragon at 5.5K because its photosensors are smaller


Any errors are mine, not Kris’ and any corrections are most welcome


Go to the Red User for Phil Holland’s information, including his very useful crop factor illustration:

Red Dragon camera dimensions and crop factor -thefilmbook


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