Sep 132013

At IBC Arri introduced a new variation on the Alexa, a 2K documentary camera using the same sensor as the Alexa.

The Amira features include:
- PL mount
- designed for shoulder shooting
- ProRes recording on CFast 2.0 cards
- up to 444 HD or 2K quality
- recording in Rec709 Log-C or preloaded 3D LUTs
- option for 50i & 59.94i interlaced frame rates
- the capacity to go up to 200 fps
- a new combo viewfinder & LCD
- assignable buttons
- 4 channels of 24-bit 48k Hz audio
- 2 XLR audio inputs, option for phantom power

The Amira does not offer ArriRaw or 4×3 sensor for anamorphic.

The real question for a documentarian today is whether to shoot 4K or 2K. The battle lines are drawn between Sony and Arri.


Pick up Shoot Arri Amira


I took these quick shots of the camera on the Arri booth at IBC. Click on image for bigger size:

thefilmbook -Arri Amira - right side
Amira Right Side (click on any photo for larger image)

thefilmbook -Arri Amira - left side-
Amira Left Side

thefilmbook -Arri Amira - LCD viewfinder-
LCD Viewfinder

Closer looks:

thefilmbook -Arri Amira - audio-
Amira Audio Controls

thefilmbook -Arri Amira - connectors-
Amira Connectors

thefilmbook -Arri Amira - controls-
Amira Controls


Amira the new documentary style camera-



- Andy Shipsides’ excellent article on Abel Cine’s blog

- Definition magazine’s IBC issue 1

- Arri’s Amira micro site

- Arri news article

- Wide Open Camera spreads rumors of a $20 K price

Definition magazine was one of the first to cover the Amira:

definition magazine spread on arri amira


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