Aug 212013

The take away points:

- 2/3 of the world box office comes from international, and 1/3 from US/Canada
- Only one film, Hunger Games, in the top 20 made more in the US than overseas
- The top 20 films accounted for about $14 billion, 40% of the total 2012 gross of $35 billion
- The list is dominated by franchise action films, there are 4 animation films, and only 2 live action comedies: Ted (with a virtual teddy bear) & The Intouchables.
- All of the top 8 films are sequels in a franchise.
- It’s wonderful to see a masterpiece on this top 20 list: The Life of Pi
- It’s encouraging to see 2 French films – The Intouchables & Taken 2 – in a list of American studio films
- The most expensive film on the list is Men In Black 3, at $225 million.
- Note that the chart does not include worldwide marketing expenses which can run about $175 million.
- I put this together with data from the authoritative Box Office Mojo site.


2012 top 20 films gross international -thefilmbook

Click here to get the full-blown chart, including the production budget.


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