Apr 082013

Angenieux and Cooke have announced at NAB that their new anamorphic lenses will match well, which leaves Arri/Zeiss’ new anamorphic primes out in the cold. Arri has previously aligned itself with Fujinon spherical zooms.

2013 anamorphics from Cooke Angenieux -thefilmbook

According to our friend Jon Fauer the expected deliveries dates are:

Early 2014
Angenieux 56-152 mm T4 Optimo
Cooke set of 7 T2.3 primes:
25, 32, 40, 50, 75, 100, 135 mm

Q2 and Q4 2014
2 other Angenieux zooms to cover “a range of 30 to 240 mm”


Zeiss & Arri released a 50mm T1.9 late last year, when they announced a set of 7 T1.9 lenses from 35 to 135mm.

Cooke’s range extends to 25mm, but opens to T2.3

These optical tools confirm digital anamorphic as a format for the future, with 4 manufacturers:
Angenieux zooms
Cooke primes
Panavision primes & zooms
Vantage primes & zooms
Zeiss primes.

Great news for filmmakers!

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  1. i love arri cameras when comming up alexa 4k

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